Four Ways Youths Can Get Mental Health Support

While there is greater awareness of mental health needs, youths may be reluctant to seek help due to stigma and wish to protect their privacy. Care teams from social services agencies in the community are providing support in new, digital ways. 

Here’s what they are doing.

1. Tips & Guides from Social Media

Care organisations like Fei Yue Community Services, Care Corner, CARE Singapore, and Limitless have set up social media platforms to reach more youths and to encourage help-seeking from the younger community. These organisations focus on educating youths about their mental health. The launch of their social media platforms on TikTok and Instagram has allowed these organisations to successfully connect and engage with many youths digitally.

Here are some accounts you can follow for mental health tips:
Care Corner (TikTok | Instagram)
CARE Singapore (TikTok | Instagram)
Fei Yue Community Services (TikTok | Instagram)
Limitless (TikTok | Instagram)
SHINE (Instagram
SYNC (Instagram)
TOUCH Community Services (TikTok | Instagram)
Singapore Association for Mental Health (Instagram)

2. Anonymous Support

Another way to get more support anonymously or find someone to talk to is to fill in an online questionnaire or form on the signs and symptoms of mental stress. A care professional would then reach out via a phone call, an email or a text to further understand your needs and help you accordingly!

For further support, you can get help here:
Care Corner (Website | Form)
CHAT (Website | Form)

3. E-Counselling Chatbots

If you are not ready to start your conversation on mental health with someone yet, there are text-based options where youths can type out their thoughts instead of having to use the phone or a Zoom call.

Start a chat and send in your queries here:
eC2 by Fei Yue Community Services  (Website | Chatroom)
Mindline (Website)
CHAT (Website | Chatroom)
HealthHub (Website | Chatroom)
Help123 by the National Council of Social Services (Website)

4. Support & Intervention

There are organisations who provide support for youths with mental health issues and their families. These vary from mental wellness talks to intervention and caregiver support.

Here are some programmes and workshops available:
Care Corner (Website)
eC2 by Fei Yue Community Services (Website | Chatroom)
Limitless (TikTok | Instagram)
Singapore Association for Mental Health (Website)
Shine Youth (Website)
TOUCH Community Services (Website)

Digital Support 24/7

“Reaching out for help online is less stressful because I can take my time to think. If I called a hotline, it can be quite stressful thinking about how to phrase things." a 20-year-old polytechnic student, who received support from Care Corner, told The Straits Times.

Mental health issues should not be shunned or taken lightly. 

If you have young loved ones, remind them that they are not alone, and there are many ways to seek help in the community. We can all do our part to help them take the first step and find a form of mental health support they are the most comfortable with.

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