The daily schedules of caregivers can get hectic, and time is precious especially since there is so much to do in a day. Keeping to a daily routine can help you better manage time and care for your loved ones. 

How a care routine helps

  • Minimises confusion and stress in decision making 
  • Ensures important routine tasks (e.g. medication) are done 
  • Get seniors involved in planning their own care routine

Here are the 4 ‘P”s to get you started on personalising a care routine.

4Ps of care routine


  • Make a list of daily tasks and activities
  • Understand loved ones’ needs, preferences, and abilities
  • Discuss with your family and allocate tasks
  • Plan activities for yourself


  • Use the care routine as a daily guide
  • Improvise the tasks to ensure you and  your loved ones are comfortable with it


  • Arrange for extra help if you’re unable to manage
  • Look for available care services to support you
  • Keep other family members updated on your loved ones’ condition
  • Ease the load by splitting up tasks and responsibilities


  • Don’t overexert yourself or your loved ones
  • Have adequate rest between activities

With good planning, you can be more efficient in completing your daily tasks, and even free up some time for respite and self-care. Need help getting started? Try using this Basic Care Routine Guide and Template!

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