Looking for ways to stay engaged after a life transition? Start a new chapter by volunteering! It offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with your community, share your skills and experience, and make a meaningful impact.

But how exactly do you benefit from helping others? We’ve compiled a list of eight benefits of volunteering.

1. Stay sharp and mentally stimulated. Volunteering keeps your mind working and challenges you in new ways. From learning new skills, such as using digital tools for online programmes to problem-solving during group projects, it gives your brain a workout, and this can help ward off cognitive decline.

2. Build new connections. Volunteering can provide social connection by putting you in touch with like-minded people who share your passions. You’ll build new friendships and feel a greater sense of belonging. 

3. Rediscover your purpose and feel good. Helping others actually makes you feel good. It’s a powerful way to boost self-esteem and experience the joy of giving back. In fact, in Singapore the link between happiness and giving back has been established in a 2021 study, which showed that happy people tend to give back and giving back tends to make people happier.  

4. Get moving and boost physical health. Many volunteer opportunities involve light to moderate physical activity, which is crucial for seniors. From taking the lead on group walks around the community to sorting supplies at an Active Ageing Centre (AAC), these activities can improve flexibility, strength, and coordination. 

5. Reduce stress and improve sleep. Helping others and feeling connected to a community can significantly reduce stress levels, which can lead to better sleep quality.

6.Stay independent and sharpen everyday skills. Volunteering often involves tasks like organising events, managing budgets, or using technology for communication. These activities help you stay sharp on everyday skills that can boost your independence and confidence.


7. Expand your world and social space. Volunteering expands your social space, and allows you to interact with people of all ages — even if it’s just a quick smile and small talk about the weather as you go about your daily activities.

8. Discover hidden talents and reignite passions. Volunteering opens you up to new experiences and opportunities. You might discover a hidden talent for storytelling during a reading programme at a library or reignite a passion for music by organising a singing group at an AAC, who knows? Ultimately, it’s really up to you how you want your volunteering experience to impact your life and others around you. 

Ready to start your volunteering journey?

Consider being a Silver Guardian, where senior volunteers are trained by the Agency for Integrated Care to assist with activities at AACs. To register, click here: aic.sg/silver-guardian 
Remember, volunteering isn't just about giving back; it's about enriching your own life in amazing ways! So, take the first step today and discover the joy of volunteering in your golden years.

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